Anna Bang Hair Design :

We are full-service hair salon.
Our staffs are trained in the latest Japanese and International hair techniques.
You can expect service and pampering like you have never experienced before.
It's the Anna Bang Hair Design way!
The art of exceeding clients expectations in both quality and service is sure to amaze you at
our hair salon.

We are specializing in hair straightening for Caucasian, Asian, Latin American, East Indian,
middle eastern and mixed african american  hair.  We use an innovative new techniques from
Japan to make frizzy, curly or wavy hair completely straight while preserving and improving
your hair’s health.
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Anna Bang Hair Design
The best "Authentic Japanese
Hair Straightening" in Tampa
Anna Bang Hair Design
Authentic Japanese Hair Straightening  Benefits at Anna Bang Hair Design:
(Please beware of "Bargain Imitation Japanese Hair Straightenings".  Make sure to ask about
their Products and Qualifications because your hair deserves The Best)

•Over 15 years of  Authentic Japanese hair straightening expriences in Same location
•All of our stylists are Japanese Educated and Certified
•Every product we use in our salon is actually Made in Japan
•We don't believe in cutting corners or compromising qualities  to cut cost or time
•Permanent retexturizing results that completely remove frizz
•Natural bounce and volume or Pin straight
•Healthy shine that only Real Japanese Hair Straightening can deliever
•It's permarnant. Retouch needed only every 6-12 months
•It works on all types of hair including colored and  bleached
•We stand behind our works 100%